Jessica's Placement Year Draws to a Close

  • Jessica Turner
  • 2018-08-16

I have now been working on placement at BIDBI for over a year and I am very sad to say this is my last day working for the company. I still remember my first day and how welcoming everyone was.

I have learned so many skills working with all the departments that make up BIDBI. Working with sales, finance, design and production has given me the opportunity to oversee each department and how they each contribute to how the company works. It’s made me realise how much goes into making a company run successfully and that each team has to work together to get things done. No body at BIDBI is scared to roll their sleeves up and get stuck in!

I have learnt the most from working in the design department with my mentor and manager Sam. Before starting at BIDBI I had a very limited experience on any computer software, especially photoshop and illustrator. Now, however, after using these programmes everyday over the last year I feel so positive, and getting to grips with this design software will definitely help me in my career as a designer. I have also had to communicate with clients and this has taught me a lot about working with customers and how to understand and interpret their vision and formulating it into the design they want producing on a bag.

The most eye-opening part of the production of bags is how much effort the team put in to ensuring the quality of the bags. All the way from getting the approval for the artwork to mixing inks to match a pantone. Sam had to train me in how to check the inks matched the pantone colour and how to sign off a bag before it went to full production, it has given me a keen eye for detail. This practice has given me knowledge and skills on how to ensure my own work is up to a good quality at all stages of the design process. I owe Sam so much for his patience and willingness to show me how to work as a design assistant. Everything he has taught me will help me through my final year at University.

Personally, I have gained so much confidence in myself and my own skills. I have always questioned my own ability at being able to work within a large group and also with communicating with others. Both are skills I haven’t been too confident in but having to work with the BIDBI team I am now so comfortable working with other people, asking for things to be done and being able to articulate issues and problem solve together. Communicating with people outside of the office was also a challenge for me before but I got thrown in at the deep end when I had to help with BIDBI’s sister company Doodle Bag. I had the practice of communicating externally with clients through email and telephone, it was a challenge but I was able to do it!

My time at BIDBI has taught me so much about the industry I want to work in as well as teaching me life lessons that I will take with me after I leave. Getting the chance to complete my placement with such a great company and team makes it very hard for me to say goodbye. I owe BIDBI so much for welcoming me into the team and I thank them for making my placement year so valuable and memorable.