Our Favourite Eco-Living Youtube Channels

  • Richard Robinson
  • 2018-08-06

Contary to popular belief, Youtube is not all cat videos, make-up tutorials and irritating teenagers. There's some hidden gems to be found inside the video vortex. To save you the hassle of trawling through it all, here's our round-up of eco-minded Youtubers that are definitely worth your time. These channels showcase people from all walks of life that promote eco-friendly and healthy living in a variety of ways, to give you the inspiration and motivation to implement some of these ideas in your own life.

Living Big In A Tiny House

One of my personal favourite Youtube channels, Living Big in a Tiny House showcases people from around the world that have decided to downsize their lives by building and living in tiny houses. The houses featured on this channel are so diverse, there's bound to be one that inspires you to consider this kind of lifestyle. It's inspirational to see that it is possible to live a happy and wholesome life on a fraction of the budget you'd typically associate with home ownership by cutting out the stuff you don't need and focusing on only what's important.

Primitive Technology

One of the most popular channels on Youtube at the moment, Primitive Technology's videos feature an unnamed man building various shelters and tools without the use of outside influences. That means that everything he builds, and everything he builds things with, are harvested from the land. Modern living has completely lost touch with mother nature, and I feel it is important to be reminded now and again that most of the stuff we need has already been provided to us. Be sure to turn on captions to get all the information in these videos, as the unnamed man does not speak about his creations, and chooses to use the captions to communicate the important details. The absense of noise makes this channel an extremely relaxing watch, whilst being hugely informative. 

Alfie Aesthetics

UK based AlfieAesthetics is a young explorer and outdoors enthusiast that holds a vast knowledge of plants and funghi, and provides an almost encyclopedic amount of useful information about all things that can be found on the ground. Watching his videos inspires me to get out into nature and is a gentle reminder that many ingredients can be found in your local environment. Just be sure to know which mushrooms are the non-poisonous varieties!

Home Made Modern

Newsflash! You don't need to go to fancy department stores to buy overpriced chic furniture. HomeMadeModern shows you how you can make beautiful furniture and home related stuff with very few raw materials and without being a master craftsmen. If you've got a drill and a saw lying around, you're ready to go! 

Joe Robinet

There are a lot of survival and outdoors related channels on Youtube, so be sure to have a browse and find one that suits your tastes. Our connection to the great outdoors has been severed for many of us with city living and a modern working life, and watching someone simply being outdoors is a much more relaxing way to spend your evening instead of gazing at mindnumbingly dull television shows.

MIgardener | Simple Organic Gardening & Sustainable Living

If you're fortunate enough to have a bit of land, growing your own fruit and vegetables is a great way to improve your diet, get exercise and overall improve your chi mindful zenness, or whatever it's called. The internet has so much free information that can get you from gardening noob to accomplished horticulturalist in no time at all, and one such channel is MIgardener. They have hundreds of tutorial videos packed with instructions on how to grow and cultivate using only organic methods.