BIDBI Makes Talented Totes Take 2

  • Julia Gash
  • 30th June 2013

In the run up to the launch of our second Talented Totes collection there's been an incredible amount of activity at the BIDBI eco-print factory in Sheffield.  We've been printing the final samples for the trade show which starts in two days time as well as designing and printing the brochure and Lookbooks.  

We've made some amazing show bags using a new spray paint effect that John, one of our printers (as well as being a graffiti artist), took to like a duck to water.

We splattered and sprayed to our hearts content and created lots of uniquely printed bags, full of energy (and fabric paint), which were then screen printed with the Talented Totes logo and the trade show line up.

We also welcomed Dominic, our new General Manager, who is to run the day to day at BIDBI as well as working with me on growing the business in the year's ahead.  He rolled up his sleeves straight away and got stuck in to organising our Talented Totes deliveries to our major international customers this week.  This came as a great relief to me as I was rushing around making the last minute preparations for our first trade show, which starts in two days time in Berlin!  Here's one of our guys sewing in labels for some of our bags for the show!

So my bags are packed and I'm ready to go to launch the second collection of Talented Totes.  We've brought in several new designers to complement my own work and to bring in some fresh and interesting graphics to bags.  After the Berlin Ethical Fashion Show, it's straight on to Who's Next at Paris. Pure London and the New York International Gift Fair follow next month.

I've also just completed a six month training course on leadership this week, at which I met about 12 other female entrepreneurs based in Yorkshire.  One made artisan cheese, another was an engineer, a cake maker and caravan mattress maker also formed our cohort of vibrant, successful business women, creating jobs and bucking the trend by growing strong and successful enterprises in Yorkshire.  I've picked up lots of knowledge from the trainers as well as my fellow students and heard lots of wonderful stories from the front line of fiesty, female business owners.  We're getting back together in September for another six months of training so back to school in September will definitely be something I will be looking forward to :-)