BIDBI Grows 2 By 2

  • Julia Gash
  • 9th June 2013

This month we've grown our team by two!  Emilia has joined us to take care of all things Talented Totes. She'll be overseeing the project management and marketing for the range, both from our Sheffield office and out-and-about meeting with clients and buyers. Amanda is our newest account manager, joining Lucy and Kathryn to deal with all your eco-bag needs and get your order off the ground.  I've spent most of the week training and learning lots myself in the process as two fresh pairs of eyes always bring in new ideas.

As BIDBI grows, it means that it becomes increasingly difficult for me to run the day to day operations, particularly as Talented Totes, our own label, has been such an instant success. We are therefore recruiting for a General Manager for BIDBI and until he or she can take over the reigns. several of us have been upskilled, re multi-tasking to cover this role i.e. we're doing two jobs in a day!  We've also been busy pulling together the Talented Totes first collection orders, which are going out to shops in Tokyo, Texas and Toronto ... as well as the rest of the world!

One fine day I'll be able to focus on the creative development of Talented Totes as well as handling some key accounts for BIDBI and supporting our sales team.  I'm doing lots of this right now as we prepare the sample collection for Talented Totes Take 2.  We're launching the collection at the Berlin Ethical Fashion Show, starting 2nd July and got a wonderful surprise this week when we found that we had also been selected for Who's Next Fashion Show in Paris the following week. (I am SO excited! Everybody who knows me understands that work and travel are my passions so combining the two is just perfect for me!)   I exhibited my own brand, print-led fashion collection at the same exhibition venue for many years in the 1990's so it will be strange going back into the same halls, 15 years later.  

I remember starting my business, printing T-shirts on a kitchen table in a 1 bedroom flat in London, moved it to a house in Sheffield, which is took over within 6 months and finally to a dedicated print workshop, which is a stone's throw from where the BIDBI eco-print factory is today.  I commissioned other print factories, CMT units and dye houses to make my collections over 10 years.  All of that experience, be it print production or marketing a British, directional label to a global retail market, has been incredibly useful over the past few years and certainly since I started Talented Totes.  

I'm working on some amazingly exciting projects at the moment, to make some very beautiful bags for key British brands but it's all very hush, hush!  I can tell you about them in a few months time once they hit the stores but until then, it's between them and me.  Here is quite an interesting project we've done recently however ...

Back in April we printed bags for Channel 4's BRITDOC Foundation, a non-profit organisation that supports the production of TV documentaries. Earlier this month they got in touch to show us exactly how their bags have been put to use.

The Documentaries Are My Bag Tumblr page shows off the BRITDOC bags in various locations around the world. From the streets of NYC, to conference rooms, to secluded deserts, the bags have certainly got around! Here's one of our favourites: 

Check out the BRITDOC Tumblr for loads more inspiring images.