Corgis and Canvas Totes

  • Julia Gash
  • 1st June 2013

I always get a thrill when I see one of the bags that we've printed out and about, wherever I happen to be in the world. I spotted this "I Love Whitby" cotton tote bag that I designed and we printed for a customer a year or so ago, walk into the Stag Pub on Psalter Lane, carried by a woman who I then came to know as Kathryn. She'd just bought the bag the week before and was out for an evening with her friend Sarah. Her bag that demonstrated her love for Whitby, a place I share her enthusiasm for...fresh sea air, fish and chips, sandy beaches. The seaside town isn't all that she loves we found out, as we got to know more about Kathryn and the real love of her life...Teddy Bedlington (her dog!).

I myself have been busy creating Talented Totes Take 2...our second collection of art on canvas bags. For the first time, I've had my own's beautifully white and silent and has a lovely light streaming in. It has no phone, much to the bemusement of my team at BIDBI. I love it. For me, it's home and heaven rolled into one. Here I am with some of my work for the next collection. It's all about the River Thames in London...the bridges that cross it and the city that's evolved around it. The river has always fascinated me and I love crossing it by whatever means...bus, taxi or on foot. My eyes are always open wide as I take in the vista, which is so different at every crossing.

I'm not the only one that's been working on Talented Totes however. We've had a big printing push of our first collection as lots of orders are being dispatched over the coming week. Here's Big Dan with some of the Walkies design he's just printed with some of the print team.


The design is of the Queen taking her corgis for their walk outside her home (Buckingham Palace). They are very well poop to scoop! I enjoy thinking how people that are revered by the masses and media could just do normal things like the rest of us, such as take the dogs for a walk and creating images around those thoughts.  

Our next collection will be launched at the Ethical Fashion Show in Berlin on 2nd July. It's count down time now as we get everything together for the big day. Until then...Auf Wiedersehn!