Focus On Drawstring Bags

  • Jessica Holmes
  • 12th March 2018

The most common use for a drawstring bag is a Backpack, which have been around since 1910 when they updated the common ‘knapsacks’ and ‘packsacks’. Due to this, the drawstring bag is well-known for its practicality and variety of uses; making it a common favourite among consumers. The following are a selection of drawstring sizes and styles which can benefit both businesses and customers.

Drawstring Backpack

A classic drawstring bag can be used as a hands-free backpack. They can act as alternatives to cotton shopping bags because the method of closure ensures belongings are contained. This makes them popular amongst gym-goers or outdoor enthusiasts; from biking to cycling.  

Due to easy transportation, the classic bag could also be used as daily for work or leisure or as a reusable shopping bag for every-day use. Students may also benefit from the design; the drawstring bag is great for carrying books. The average student is prone to carrying a book weighing 25% of their bodyweight!

The design is versatile for a variety of consumer-bases, both young and old. The Classic Drawstring therefore, if printed with company branding, has the chance to compete with branded tote bags for wide exposure as daily use branded bags for life.

Our drawstring bags

Medium Drawstring

A medium drawstring bag could be an ideal goody-bag or useful promotional bag for corporate giveaways.  Compared to a small zip purse, the design is more cost-effective yet just as effective. For retail use, they could house products from confectionary to stationary. If eco-friendly packaging is a goal, they could also serve as re-usable eco bag packaging for toiletries or make-up.

Small/Mini Drawstring

A small or mini drawstring bag is the perfect thoughtful touch. They can act as high-quality eco-packaging or a simple finishing touch for gifts. The eco-friendly materials are not only better for the environment than disposable plastic, but they also ensure your brand remains in-mind after online delivery.


BIDBI’s bespoke service offers the production of a printed, drawstring bag at the dimensions you choose, with the print you want. This will ensure that your product stands out from the crowd. Hessian shopping bags are a common choice for food retail packaging, however a drawstring bag could be a distinctive alternative. Other uses could also be bottle-bags with an eco-feel, or for the upcoming summer season, a sporty update on a canvas beach bag.

drawstring backpack prints