Raise Funds & Save The Planet With BIDBI | Discount For Charities

  • Team BIDBI
  • 30th November 2017

At BIDBI we love working with Charities and Non-Profits accross the world, by providing a quality product that can be used to raise funds and spread brand awareness of important causes.

We're happy to announce that we're offering a 20% discount off our entire range of UK printed bags to charitable causes and not for profit organisations.

There's a variety of ways our bags can help your cause, so we've put together a selection of packages aimed specifically at charitable organisations. 

A selection of charity projects including WWF

Promotional Event Bags

If you're holding an event, our promotional bags are a lovely way of keeping all the marketing materials together for the delegates and will serve as a further advertisement after the occasion has taken place. 

BIDBI Recommends

Our Promotional Cotton Bag, with a 1 colour screen print or alternatively, our Small Cotton Bag, whichever best fits your existing marketing collateral. Unlike other promotional bags on the market, ours will not fray and fall apart, so even our 4oz promotional range of products are a quality offering. 

Fully Fairtrade Retail Bag

Having a tote bag in your online store is a no-brainer for charitable organisaions with an e-commerce setup. Our Fair Trade Tote Bag is constructed from Fair Trade Certified Cotton and is made in Fair Trade Certified factories, and with a print makes for a premium, eco-friendly piece of merchandise. 

For more information regarding these offers, please get in touch with Emma Rhodes, our dedicated Charities and Non profits Account Manager.

Various bags created for charities

Terms & Conditions of 20% offer

1. Registered charities only
2. Please provide your registered charity number when submitting a quote
3. 20% only available on UK stock only
4. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer