Talent Scouting for Tote Designers

  • Julia Gash
  • 18th May 2013

 Last weekend I headed down to deepest Wiltshire to meet up with Alyson, who runs a small business out of her beautiful farmhouse.  Together with her designer friend Caroline, they produce some lovely rural heritage insipired illustrations.  We've made bags for Alyson's brand, Rural Wrappings and I'm a big fan of Caroline's illustrations that focus on horses, hounds and foxes.  They are beautifully observed and anatomically superb.

The three of others got together and over lashings of tea and we pulled together a collection of design and bag style ideas for Talented Totes. I love this part of my work.  It doesn't feel like work at all however.  It's such a joy, making something come together with other creative souls.

I then went onwards to Bath, trhough rain and pestilence, as is this May, with my partner (and our International Operations Manager) John, to "take the waters", as Jane Austen's characters would have said. The tepid, sulphuric tasting liquid was something I had never tasted before, it is true to say.  After an inspiring tour of the Roman Baths, boutique shops and tea shops, we rested our weary bones in the thermo spa.  Bath is beautiful and great fun. 

On the way back home we called in at Cirencester and came across some of our Talented Totes on sale at Sue Parkinson's beautiful boutique.  As our collection is so new it's such a delight and surprise if we come across them in a shop. I also like to see how our customers display the bags.  Here's some more photos of Talented Totes on sale at Cover Up in London too.  I've spent much of the past week pulling everything together for Talented Totes Take 2 and look forward to seeing them in many more shops across and beyond Britain.