Maximising Your Brand Exposure at Conferences and Events

  • Arnika Bhupal
  • 18th November 2017

Tote bags make a great giveaway for corporate events and conferences. We all know conference days are long and you're given leaflets, brochures and a 100 other things to carry, that's why it's great to give each delegate or attendee a tote bag.  

natural cotton tote bag

The downside to conference bags is that because they're so popular it's hard to make your giveaway bag stand out. Here are some ideas to help your bag go against the grain: 

  • Use several designs on the bags which the attendees can choose from. Letting them choose something they actually like means they're less likely to throw it away after the event 

  • Have the bag designed by a local artist 

  • A more premium bag printed with understated artwork means your delegates will use the bags again and they won't be stuffed into a drawer at home forgotten about. The less corporate the better! 

  • Provide something a little different such as a lunch bagzip purse or mini bag.

natural zip purse and small shopper bag

A great way to cover the cost of the bags is to ask for sponsorship, the brand pays for the bags and in return is able to add their logo to the bag which gives them exposure. As an added incentive let them include a brochure or some literature in the bag for the attendees to peruse after the event. 

You can even ask companies to sponsor the items inside the bags depending on the nature of the conferenceBranded promotional items, make them useful to use at the conference and after, but remember, if delegates are flying to and from the conference make sure items included will pass airport securityIt's important to fill your conference bags with items that they will use again, large memory USBs always come in handy, as do more bespoke gifts such as locally sourced items.  

Loaded USB flash drives with information that is conference specific will almost certainly be used after especially if it's add on information that wasn't told at the conference. 

Conference bags are definitely part of the experience for attendees and delegates. A good quality cotton tote bag will always come in handy after the event and be reused as grocery bags or other 'bits and bobs' bags maximising exposure for the brandTote bags are very rarely thrown away which means they remain an environmentally friendly solution