From Crop to Shop

  • Richard Robinson
  • 1st May 2018

We stock a few different types of cotton bags here at BIDBI, here's a brief guide on picking the right bag for you. Cotton can be spun into different weaves, we stock 3 different variations of a plain or taffeta weave in various weights. Each weave has its own properties thus making the finished product ideal for different use cases.

Our standard cotton weave (left) is used in all our 4oz and 5oz bags. Sometimes referred to as calico, it's finish is strong and soft and doesn't fray easily. Our promotional 4oz bag is our most basic product suitable for events and giveaways however it's tighter than usual weave makes it a better quality offering than other standard tote bags you will typically find. For those that require the best quality tote style bag available, our premium cotton bag has the same size and construction as it's little brother but is made using 5oz cotton instead. The slight weight bump makes this bag suitable for retail purposes. It is also available in a plethora of colours that can be mixed and matched.

Our range of bags

Heavyweight cotton canvas (centre) is used in all our 8oz and 10oz bags. It is weaved tighter than standard cotton and is more hard wearing. Our 8oz series of bags are available in portrait or landscape orientations, making them useful for a wide variety of purposes from fashion to footwear or even beach bags. The heaviest weight we stock in the UK in our 10oz bags. These bags are durable enough to withstand years of daily use, whilst still being comfortable to the user. Again available in portrait or landscape orientation with a large capacity, these bags are for those who want the more durable bag available.

In addition to this we also stock bags using jute fabric (right). Also referred to as "the golden fibre" jute crops grow with little need for fertilisers or other intervention making one of the most eco friendly and easily organic fibres that can be cultivated. We stock small and large varieties of jute bags and they are favoured mostly by foodie retailers such as farm shops and delicatessens.

Remember that if we don't stock what your looking for, we can create any kind of cotton product from scratch using our made to measure service.