Straight in at the Deep End

  • Charlie Sharkey
  • 8th May 2017

This month we welcomed a few new recruits to the BIDBI team; Charlie Sharkey, originally from Liverpool, joined us as an account manager who will be looking after our promo and sports accounts. 

What Does Your Role Entail? 

My role at BIDBI is to look after our big fish accounts and keep exploring the ocean for new fish and spread the net far and wide.

What Do You Enjoy Most About Working for BIDBI so far?

The main thing I like about BIDBI is the friendly working atmosphere and the chatty environment. BIDBI also has a number of good names and big brands they work with so that is something I'm excited about sinking my teeth into. I also get my own personal shark(ey) tank, for when I get tired of swimming around eating boats and surfers.

How Important Was BIDBI’s Eco-Friendly Approach When You Chose to Join?

BIDBI’s eco-friendly approach was a huge influence in me deciding to join the company, I'm a big supporter of the environment, it was a no brainer for me to join. You could say that I really took the bait.

What Are Your Other Hobbies Away From the Job?

Apart from being in movies, such as, Jaws 1,2,3 and Deep Blue Sea, I like playing football and going the pub.

Charlie Sharkey, our new account manager