We <3 Our Customers

  • 11th April 2017

We love our customers, and its especially lovely when we see them thrive. It's super special when we know that our bags have helped them grow their business, so we thought we'd shed a spotlight on some of our favourite customers and their new ventures   

Lyndsey Green of Lyndsey Green Illustrations aims to introduce people to animals they may not have heard of before whilst raising awareness of how endangered several of them are. Lyndsey started ordering bags with us in 2016, which she sells via her Etsy page and also through stockists, and has since reordered a number of times. We love Lyndsey's illustrations and her ethos of caring for your local wildlife and environment.  

"When I first started out I was making and printing everything myself, but as my work started to get more followers the demand became harder to keep up with, particularly with tote bags as these are one of my most popular products. I was finding it hard to find the time to draw new designs and I also wanted to improve the quality. Finding BIDBI to print my bags was a lifesaver, particularly as I had just received my biggest order to date which was to Wellington Zoo. BIDBI provided lovely quality, eco-friendly bags which I was proud to send to New Zealand, and were really helpful turning this order around fast for me." 

Illustration by Lyndsey Green

Another new customer, The Method have only been open for 4 weeks but have already re-ordered The Method are a lifestyle store and massage treatment space located in the Scottish capital of Edinburgh. They source beautifully crafted and designed products that make you slow down and appreciate each step of your day. 

Dan who is co-owner with his sister says, "Starting a business is terrifying and every little stress you can lessen by using a company you can trust is worth it! We tried to have our bags produced cheaply in China and between the weeks of waiting for inferior samples and the language barrier when describing changes it was a waste of time. BIDBI took all that stress out of producing bags we are proud to give out. Harriet made the whole process quick and easy, with a smile! These things really do mean a lot when you are starting out because you’ll face many hurdles and difficult people. We’ve had such a great start that we re-ordered bags within two weeks - a few days later they were here."   

We love their instagram, you can check it out here!  

The Method's new shop in Edinburgh

The National Army Museum reopened on 30th March after an extensive revamp. It is a leading authority on the British Army and its impact on society past and present. Through their collections they share stories and examine the army's role as protector, aggressor and peacekeeper from the British Civil Wars to the modern day. Located in Chelsea, the museum has 5 permanent galleries and temporary exhibition spaces, and has number of events lined up.  

These are just a snapshot of a few of our customers. We have many more that keep coming back to us and we love that they do, it makes our day!

If you would like to be featured in one of our blogs please let us know :). We know it's a great way for you to get your brand out there!