5 More Things You Didn't Know We Do

  • Richard Robinson
  • 23rd March 2017

At BIDBI we print in our Sheffield based factory as well as creating completely bespoke products for our clients using our trusted partner factories in India. This means that we can create pretty much anything from cotton, with the only limit being your imagination. With so many options available, here's 5 more things you didn't know we can do.

Organic Cotton

If your project requires certified Organic cotton, our Fair Trade factories have it ready at our disposal. 

Swing Tickets

If you plan on retailing your products, we can help finish them to your requirements. This includes producing bespoke swing tickets to any size with a big selection of card types and attachments at our disposal.

Swing tickets


In addition to our standard transfer printing, we also provide diamonte printing. This special technique transfers individual rhinestones to our bags. There's a whole catalogue of colours and shapes available. Get in touch for more information! 

Diamante heart print


If your product requires a closure or pocket, we have a catalogue of zips available. Using quality YKK zippers with many colours and variations, we have something to match your branding.

YKK Zips


In addition to our standard "self" fabric or webbing handles, we can create any type of strap, handle or attachment for your product. 

Adjustable strap