5 Things You Didn't know We Can Do

  • Richard Robinson
  • 14th February 2017

Here at BIDBI we are primarily bag experts, but that's not all we do. Here's 5 products you probably didn't know that we do.

1. Badges

The perfect promotional accompaniment to the cotton tote bag. They're available in various sizes, and are a great way to match your branding and add value to your cotton bags.

2. Mugs

A favourite of designers and illustrators, expand your product line with printed mugs

3. Labels

Boring yes, but essential for retailers. We can create labels to meet your packaging requirements, with colour, design and size.

4. Reflective Ink

Amongest the plethora of specialist inks we have available, reflective ink will definitely get your brand noticed.

glow in the dark ink

5. T Shirts

T Shirts are a great and easy way to expand your product line, they can look great with the same design as your bag and command a higher RRP. Take advantage of using the existing screen and add some tees to your order. More styles, colours and sizes than you can shake a stick at!