Julia Gash looks back on 2016

  • Julia Gash
  • 15th December 2016

The BIDBI team

2016 has been a busy year at BIDBI, supplying lots of fair trade made, sustainable tote bags and eco-friendly items to customers around the world, whether it's for new shop openings, to promote a new product, a fund raising for a well deserved cause or to simply create a stunning, green and clean product. Our UK print factory has seen significant growth as more and more people look for British made provenance as well as quality and ecological printing. Confirmation that the 2015 plastic bag tax has been effective, leading to a reduction of 85% of single use plastic bags has kept us busy too as people have opted for a higher value, eco-friendly and on-trend tote bag.  

In June, the UK's decision to Brexit and with that, separate from the EU, has led to the pound plunging against other currencies and with that, prices rising on many fronts. As such, the price of cotton and jute bags has risen although BIDBI has done as much as it can to absorb this extra cost as we will continue to do so. Our sister company, Talented, for which I create a range of custom map like illustrations (aka Cityscapes) onto tote bags and giftware, flew the BIDBI nest this year but only to a few doors down the road! BIDBI prints all of their tote bags and so we still get to see much of their team from day to day. 

In other BIDBI news, we've had lots of new additions to the team. Our hope for 2017 is to keep supplying you with well-made eco-friendly printed tote bags and to provide the best service we can no matter how small or big your order is.   
Finally the BIDBI design team got hitched this year … not to one another but they have found happiness in the arms of others and we wish them well for the future. We hope you have a lovely Christmas and ring in the new year with style! Wishing you all peace and prosperity in 2017.