Staff Spotlight: Harriet & Heather

  • Richard Robinson
  • 8th November 2016

The BIDBI sales team has expanded recently with the introduction of 3 new full time account managers. This is to ensure that we can properly attend to each of our customers' needs and give a swift response to all enquiries and questions. This week we hear from Heather and Harriet (along with Helen make our trio of H's!).

harriet and heather

Heather Shutt

Screen printing has been a passion of mine ever since starting my degree in Printed Textiles and Surface Pattern Design at Leeds college of Art. I Really love the fact that every screen print is unique and original, the process I used was very unpredictable but I embraced my mistakes and created fabrics with very colourful, abstract prints. I first heard about BIDBI when I moved back home to Sheffield after finishing my degree. I thought it was great that there was a company that not only screen printed on a large scale but  printed them with highly creative and exciting designs for companies that I knew and loved. My first few weeks at BIDBI has been great, I’ve met some lovely people, the team have been so welcoming to me and the other newbie’s and there such a upbeat, happy vibe in the office. I’m really enjoying getting stuck in, getting to know my clients and building up a rapport with them.

Harriet Newton

Before coming to BIDBI, I had previously worked at Superdry and boutique Goldsmiths – the fashion side of Goldsmiths. I was a Supervisor there, responsible for all jewellery brands. I was the Fashion Ambassador for the store and was also the merchandiser for Olivia Burton watches (a BIDBI customer, it turns out!). The reason I came to BIDBI was due to my fashion background -  I studied BA (Hons) Fashion Design at university in Sheffield and felt that due to my retail background as well I was ready to take on a new challenge. During my degree, we did a lot of work with screen and digital print, so coming to BIDBI that background knowledge has been helpful. My time at BIDBI so far has been really great – I enjoy working closely with customers and building relationships, which is what being an Account Manager is all about.