Snow Fall at Easter

  • Julia Gash
  • 31st March 2013

Easter has arrived, which means a well deserved rest for the BIDBI team. We should all be enjoying the fresh spring air, enjoying longer, sunshine filled days ... we wish it could be so.  After a long cold Winter it seems that we now have to endure a long cold Spring!  

I went out for a "let's blow the Winter cobwebs away kind of" walk in the Peak District yesterday.  I didn't get very far though as my back siezed up with the cold as soon I tried to hoist myself out of my car!  Still, although I didn't manage my walk in Derbyshire I did get to see this most amazing view, which would have even turned Turner's head.  I am so lucky to have one of the world's most beautiful terrains on my doorstep. I've travelled across the world recently, which has been an amazing experience, but nothing compares to the breathtaking beauty of my homeland.

Actually, the reason for my sore back is that I've started jogging, and where the mind is willing, the body is sadly, not.  It's the seven hills of Sheffield that are at fault.  You either have to run up or down - there's nowhere flat to run for very long.  So my lungs and legs are put to the test as I head uphill and my back and knees get the full force on the way back down.  My new super-duper Sports Bra from one of our customers, Panache lingerie, has given me the freedom to hit the road, however inclined the hill or myself is.  I wish I could say this was me modelling the said Sports Bra ... but it's something to aim at anyway isn't it?!

Talking of intimates,  my new friend in Japan, Mizuho, has let me know where I can get her amazing gun-and-holster tights from, which I so admired in Tokyo last month.  Aren't they simply fabulous!  It's from an amazing French company called Les Queues de Sardines that print cool graphics onto tights. I am their new BFFL.

Mizuho is a fashion advisor in Tokyo and she writes a great blog, all about fashion in Japan and her love of British culture.  In April I start designing the next collection of Talented Totes, our own brand, which centres around British culture, so it's right up Mizuho's street.  I have my ideas whirling around my head and I'm looking forward to getting them onto canvas (bags).  Enjoy your Easter, stay warm and until next time ... keep using your TOTE!