BIDBI Staff Spotlight On: Sam Marriott

  • Team BIDBI
  • 21st October 2016

Next up in our staff spotlight series is Sam Marriot, who’s now been with the company for over 8 months. During that time, he has grown nicely into the design and marketing position that he came to be responsible for.

About Sam’s Role

The key areas of Sam’s role are creating new artwork for clients and receiving their artwork. He undertakes editing where necessary, as well as providing proofs and preparing art for production. Many other skills are required for this wide-ranging role too:

What Does Your Role Entail?

“I’m responsible for design and marketing at BIDBI. If you are a customer of ours, you will probably have had the pleasure of dealing with me at some point.

“In addition to the day-to-day requirements of the role, I also take care of the content on the BIDBI website. I need to ensure that content is up-to-date, post a weekly blog and put together the monthly newsletter. I enjoy the variety my role entails as there is rarely a dull moment here.”

What’s Your Favourite Project That You’ve Worked On?

“For me, I enjoy working with the larger brands such as Nike, Lush and Toms. It’s a great feeling to see a product you have worked on for companies like these in the shops, or being carried about.

What Working for BIDBI Means to Sam

A commitment to environmental responsibility is engrained throughout every aspect of our company. For many, this is the driving factor behind their desire to join BIDBI. Our team are passionate about the work they do and have become an excellent unit:

What Do You Enjoy Most About Working for BIDBI?

“I’d have to say the most enjoyable thing about working at BIDBI is sitting next to Richard. Together, we make up the ‘Delectable Design Duo’. We just get each other.

How Important Was BIDBI’s Eco-Friendly Approach When You Chose to Join?

“I believe that we’re merely looking after this planet for the next generation. It’s important to work and live in a sustainable way – and to be aware of how our actions can have a knock on effect to pretty much everything. BIDBI always make sure they approach the business in the greenest way possible, from start to finish.”

Away From the Job

Whilst Sam loves the job he does, he’s never short of interests outside of work. As well as being a fan of Bake Off and Jamie Oliver’s TV shows, he’s really into his Marvel superhero films:  

What Are Your Other Hobbies Away From the Job?

“I like to socialise with friends over a bottle of gin, vodka, or pretty much any alcoholic beverage. I have a real passion for cooking and great food. Away from work, you can usually find me cooking for family and friends, or dining out in restaurants most weekends.

“I have two dogs named Brooke and Blue that take up most of my spare time and the little time I have left I enjoy playing guitar and pretending I’m in McFly.