Guest Blog: Fox & Moon answers our questions

  • 16th September 2016

Tory of Fox & Moon, designs beautiful (and hilarious) weightloss planners, homewares and bags. Tory kindly answered a few of our questions.  

Tell us a bit more about Fox & Moon:

I create fun accessories to help with the struggle that is dieting! I spend most of my time creating hilariously inapropriate planners that reflect how I (and many other women) feel about maybe needing to lose a few pounds. They include meal planning pages, shopping lists and food diaries etc. And then of course I added my range of Lunch Bags too, all to take my 'healthy pack lunch' with me on the go! 

How did you come up with the design for your Lunch Bag:

I wanted a bag that would hold a lunch box flat and also a water bottle and the design on the bags are just a continuation of my planners really. 

How would you describe your products?

I would consider them a practical yet a little cheeky! 

What inspires you?

Lots of things inspire me but mostly, I would have to say other Mums running small businesses like myself, inspire me the most. I hadn't realised how much work it takes...and you never get a day off. It's a bit like motherhood really. 

Where do you see yourself/the business in 10 years’ time?

I am yet to reach the 10 month milestone yet, so I can't even begin to think about 10 years. World Dieting Domination perhaps?

What is your favourite superhero and why?
Superwoman because she looks good in spandex!

If you had a superpower what would It be and why?
To be able to slow down time so that I could have more time when I need it!

Do you think the introduction of the 5p tax is a good thing?

Yes because think of the lovely bags now in circulation instead of nasty plastic ones... and of course the added benefit to the environment is a good thing too. 

Quick Questions:

Dogs or cats? Dogs, I have a pug called Bentley

Tea or coffee? Coffee and don't talk to me until I have had my morning double espresso!

Apple or android? Android all the way.

Films or books? Films, I can have them on while I work.

Sweet or savoury Sweet? Pick n Mix is my problem.

You can buy Fox and Moon from Follow Tory on Instagram, @fox_and_moonto keep up-to-date with new products and to see more of her lovely pug!