Talented Travels To New York

  • Julia Gash
  • 31st August 2016

For the past few years, when August arrives our sister company, Talented, makes the journey across the Atlantic to showcase its sustainable canvas tote bag collection at NY Now trade show in New York.

As Company Director of both BIDBI and Talented, of which I am also head designer, I front up the show together with our USA sales agent, Sara.  Once the stand is set up and products are on display it’s showtime!

I get design commissions from all over the world and BIDBI prints the bags at our eco-bag factory in Sheffield.  Getting to know a place and describing it through my naïve style of illustration is definitely the best bit of my work.  I absolutely love it and am amazed at the things I find out about a place.  We had lots of Cityscape commissions rolling in, from Madison to Manhattan Beach.  I can’t wait to get started on creating my map like illustrations for these and other locations around the world.

Meeting customers for whom we have created Cityscapes and seeing them sporting their custom tote bags around the venue is also a thrill.  Here’s some of our lovely customers with their Cityscape tote bags swinging from their arms … Hello Cleveland, New York, Boston and Oakland!

Downtime is never dull and one thing I love to do in New York is to walk through the city on a hot August night. 

Enjoying a Hot Fudge Sundae at Talented Cityscaper Serendipity was a real treat and a long walk home was required in order to burn off a few of the many calories that I piled on in the short time I spent at their unique and eccentric restaurant and shop in Manhattan.

The day after the show is me time and Met time!  This is the time that I wander through Central Park, in the hope that I don’t get lost, and make my way to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  A Folk Art exhibition of patchwork quilts had drew my attention and I was bowled over by the beautiful craftwork and upcycling of fabrics made over 200 years ago.

We make bags from upcycled fabrics at Talented and BIDBI too and so it’s great to see that we are keeping up an old age tradition of thrift and creativity!