BIDBI Staff Spotlight On: Richard Robinson

  • Team BIDBI
  • 5th August 2016

We recently put together the first in a series of blogs focusing on our team here at BIDBI. Having interviewed our Sales Co-ordinator Sarah last time round, we’re now turning the spotlight on Richard Robinson, who is responsible for design and marketing.

Having spent 8 years with BIDBI, Richard has become an irreplaceable part of the company.

About Richard’s Role

From making technical tweaks to creative projects, to printing and screen-making, Richard has plenty of responsibility placed upon him as part of his role:

What Does Your Role Entail?

“My role entails all aspects of design and marketing. These include creating approval forms, sending artwork to production, creating marketing materials and looking after the BIDBI website.”

What’s Your Favourite Project That You’ve Worked On?

“I would say that would be working on the new BIDBI website, which is coming soon!”

What Working for BIDBI Means to Richard

Working for BIDBI provides individuals with the opportunity to get behind a company that cares deeply about the impact its operations have on the environment.

With recent reports indicating that plastic bag use in England has dropped by an astonishing 85% - since the 5p bag tax was introduced back in October - we continue to fill the need that has been left behind.  

For Richard, this continues to prove key to his ongoing happiness with us:

What Do You Enjoy Most About Working for BIDBI?

“The variety of challenges that you face would certainly be one thing. Another would be working with the artwork of our customers to ensure we can create the best possible end results for them.”

How Important Was BIDBI’s Eco-Friendly Approach to Your When You Chose to Join?

“This was something that was very important to me. Ultimately, contributing towards something sustainable and progressive makes the job worthwhile.”

Away From the Job

We’re firm believers in the benefits of unwinding away from the job. For Richard, amongst other things, this time includes running and watching films.

What Are Your Other Hobbies Away from the Job?

“Outside of work, I like to run. I also enjoy trying all the various Chinese restaurants in Sheffield!”