A Week With BIDBI

  • Abi Morton
  • 29th July 2016

Hi my names Abi, and for the past week and a half I have been completing my work experience at Bag it Don’t Bin it. Walking in on Monday morning I was a bag of nerves, however as soon as I entered the main office I was pleasantly overwhelmed with greetings, everyone was so kind and welcoming and my nerves suddenly went. After being introduced I started to get a feel of working life by sitting with several members of the BIDBI team and understanding their role, this was extremely interesting to see how an order goes from a phone call to a canvas beautiful finished product. Not only did I work with BIDBI, but with their sister company Talented, similarly everyone in Talented was equally as welcoming and nice. When I worked with Talented it was the first time I viewed the Landscape Designs created by Julia Gash, this really inspired me as I have a desperate interest in design and furthermore wish to do it as a career. To see how Julia’s style is adapted into each and every tote bag, tea towel, mug etc. was fascinating.


Soon I was catapulted downstairs into production. Here I encountered the first mention of “swingticketing, positives and jute bags”. Being in production I tagged bags for high street brands, and I took foil off bags for Paperchase, this was eye opening to see not only how many brands BIDBI supply bags for, but also the high end brands they encounter. Similarly the fact that BIDBI are keen and focused on Fairtrade and making sure the machines they use are eco-friendly furthermore makes the business more remarkable, as with our growing industrial economy it is important we try to maintain our environment. Whilst being in production I was lucky enough to actually print the foil onto bags, this was exciting to be able to use technical machinery to transmit a design onto a bag.


I have embarked on a variety of tasks throughout my week, I have used social media to compare other personalised canvas bag brands, also I have used and made several excel spreadsheets to record data and show information, by using these methods it has really helped with my ICT skills, as previously I can admit they were pretty poor. When working on the finance side doing cash flows it was incredibly interesting, as I was able to understand the various areas where money is deposited and distributed, when doing cash flows I initially found them very complicated but soon the kind staff at BIDBI were there to help me.

To end my whole experience I was allowed to design and print my own canvas bag. This has to be the highlight as I could use my creative mind to plan out a design, but then actually appreciate how the design is enhanced and then digitally printed onto a canvas bag. Throughout my time at BIDBI I have really loved seeing how a business runs and how a team comes together to make products, being able to see different aspects of BIDBI has been thrilling and I couldn’t off chose a better place for my work experience.

Overall, to sum up my experience at BIDBI would be completely 100% enjoyable. I have met some amazing, clever and enormously funny and lively people. Everyday has been exciting and individual. I have embarked on new and different tasks every day and I am going to miss not coming to BIDBI, (however I wouldn’t mind a lie in).

I would just like to say an enormous thank you to everyone at BIDBI and Talented for being so kind and trusting me to do jobs in their workplace, I wish everyone the best and know that I will remember my time at BIDBI and Talented forever.