Milly Johnson Bags Another Bestseller

  • Milly Johnson
  • 8th July 2016

Hi, my name is Milly Johnson and I’m a romantic novelist from Barnsley.  I’ve clocked up 12 best sellers now, 4 ebooks and I’m also a poet, joke writer, after-dinner speaker and sometimes radio presenter.  It was at Radio Sheffield that I first met the chief exec of BIDBI years ago and we got chatting, like you do, and I thought ‘those bags she makes sound like a good idea for my next book launch.’  There are a lot of us novelists out there and anything you can do to make them sail off from you on launch day with an extra ‘oomph’ works for me.  My books leave me with the biggest load of pomp and ceremony known to man.

Every year I hold a huge themed launch – and I mean themed. A couple of years ago, with a book called ‘it’s Raining Men’ we had umbrellas everywhere. We’ve had afternoon tea themes, sunshine themes… this year it’s owls.  I even have monster-sized themed cakes.  Snowy owls, cottages, wildflowers and sunshines.  Mad but it works – I flew into the top 20 charts after 3 days.

The big launch party raises money for local charity and wonderful supportive firms give me lots of goods to put in goody bags.  And that’s where BIDBI comes in year after year.  The bags I like to use are the jute ones and a perfect size to hold everything – and carry some great advertising for me.

People love them – and they don’t throw them away  but use them and they send me pictures of what those bags get up to in their new lives with their owners.  People have them for beach bags (they are perfectly sized for that) and send me photos they’ve taken of their bags in far-flung places.  They’re sturdy and long lasting and a staple of my book launches.  I can’t remember how many designs BIDBI have done for me with book designs on.  But I’ll come back next year for them yet again.  I like to use local businesses wherever I can and they give me a good price and great service. 

The ladies at my launch love them and I see them all over the town, even the versions which are a couple of years old, which is great advertising for me.

Oh and when I send them my ‘version’ of artwork, BIDBI turn it into something resembling a proper picture.  They produce on time and I can always rely on the quality.   That’s why I keep going back for more. 


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 ‘Sunshine at Wildflower Cottage’ published by Simon and Schuster was released June 16th 2016