EU Referendum - Julia On ITV Monday

  • Team BIDBI
  • 1st July 2016

Our CEO Julia Gash will be appearing on the ITV Tonight show on Monday evening to provide her perspective on the EU Referendum result.

The segment will be shown at around 7.30pm.

Julia, who is highly-respected in the business world, has been no stranger to providing her perspective on topical issues for the media.

A previous winner of the ‘International Business Woman of the Year’ - at the Women in Business Awards – Julia had been a keen advocate for remaining in the EU.

Why Has the EU Been Important to BIDBI?

Like many businesses in the UK, our brand has become reliant on the global trading market, so the move away from the EU is something that will have a notable effect on our operations.

As well as working with a host of more locally-based grassroots community groups and up-and-coming businesses, we also continue to produce our tote bags for some of the world’s top fashion brands.

This means that we regularly operate both in and outside of the UK.

Julia’s Perspective

Speaking back in April, Julia said:

“Being part of the EU has given us instant access to a market of around 500 million people. Working within a multi-national, single market cuts through the barriers of trade, whether it is businesses selling of other businesses or directly to consumers through online shops and marketplaces.

“Much of the criticism levelled at the EU is focused on the amount of red tape that is generated by supposed legislation coming out of Brussels. In over 25 years of running businesses in Britain, I have yet to come across this so-called red tape.”

Throughout the week, the ITV crew have been filming with us here at BIDBI and we’re eagerly anticipating the broadcast of the segment next week. 

Listen to Julia on Youtube: and get the I AM EUROPE Tote Bag at