Why Eco-Bags Are the Ideal Marketing Tool

  • Team BIDBI
  • 23rd June 2016

A commitment to environmental responsibility.

Lasting, effective branding.

A unique way to generate exposure.

Wide-ranging experience.

Ethical manufacture.

These are just a few of the many reasons why some of the world’s fastest-growing fashion brands, artists and forward-thinking businesses are continuing to choose our branded eco bags here at BIDBI.

But just why are our totes such an effective marketing tool?

Branding Matched to the Style of Your Business

With great choice available throughout our ranges, you can choose the style of bag best matched to your business. With cotton totes and biodegradable jutes to select from – as well as our new ‘Triple Denim’ collection – you can craft your order in your brand’s image. We also stock oversized bags for those looking for extra capacity.

In terms of printing, no matter the logo or artwork you’re looking to raise exposure of, our team will always ensure that any orders are completed to the highest standard. Printing options include 1-4 colours, as well as full-colour digital. You can also buy blank cotton tote bags from us.

Environmental Responsibility

Our commitment to environmental responsibility is unquestionably the key value that runs through the core of our company. Our entire infrastructure is based around our desire to present businesses with a way to market themselves in an eco-friendly way.

On our premises, we can custom-make bags using either organic or 100% Fairtrade Certified cotton. So when you have your order you can proudly evidence your eco-friendly commitment as a business.

Then, when people ultimately use your totes, they’re likely to do so instead of using wasteful plastic bags – the harmful footprint of which can be felt for decades.

Advertising Longevity

Once you have your branded tote bags, it’s important to design a distribution strategy that will generate the most profitable return on your investment.

Given that your tote bags will effectively be acting as mobile advertising boards, the attention they can draw in terms of branding is huge. So considering the best possible way to maximise exposure for your business through them is essential.

From giving them away to your employees, to using them at trade shows and expos, the payback you’ll feel further down the line is sure to vastly outweigh the initial investment you make.

Great Option for a Giveaway 

A common way in which our clients tend to utilise the tote bags we manufacture for them is through some sort of giveaway.

The relatively low initial outlay made on such an investment could easily be outweighed by the positive effects you’ll feel further down the line as a result of such generosity.

Firstly, everyone loves a freebie. It’s an immediate positive for your brand image.

In addition, think about how many people could see your bags once they’re being used by those receiving them.

We’ve Worked With a Truly Diverse Range of Businesses

Over the years here at BIDBI, we’ve had the pleasure of working with a truly diverse range of businesses. These have included local start-ups, UK-renowned artists and a selection of the world’s leading fashion retailers.

As a result, we’re entirely comfortable adapting our services to the requirements of any individual or company. In all cases, our standards always remain impeccable.

Interested? Get in Touch!

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