Introducing the SDN Denim collection

  • Amy Broomhead
  • 12th June 2020

Introducing the Denim 'SDN' collection.

Print it… Brand it… Embellish it… Stock it!


BIDBI is happy to introduce our SDN (Serge de Nîmes where denim originates) collection. We love all things denim, it is ethically sourced, durable and it is always in fashion! All of our SDN collection comes in the classic indigo colour.

Available in six shapes including our bestselling Tote Bag, Shopper Bag, and Pencil Case which have all been given a denim transformation. As well as some of our new favourites, the Backpack Shopper, Bucket Bag, and Luxury Shopper.

Our SDN looks incredibe with a bold and bright design that will really stand out on the deep indigo background. It works amazingly to show off your design. 

While it is a classic material in fashion it is less common for accessories, making the SDN collection stand out for being unique as a fashion accessory or as merchandise. 

To check out our full denim collection click here