BIDBI Team Expands For 2016!

  • Sam Marriott, Sarah Jones
  • 18th March 2016

2016 has proved to be a crazy year so far at BIDBI, with the demand for eco bags increasing due to the recent tax on plastic bags. To Help out, we have recruited a new designer to ensure orders progress as swiftly as possible. We also have a new sales person to help manage existing accounts as well as bring in new business to the company. 


Hi, I’m Sam.

I joined the BIDBI team this week as a Designer/ Marketing person and already feel right at home. I have been welcomed in to this exciting business and I’m looking forward to a bright future within the company. My primary role is to assist Richard in all aspects of design and marketing. I receive customer’s artwork, edit if necessary, provide proofs and prepare artwork for production.

I’m also tasked with the upkeep and running of the companies website and social media platforms.

I have always been a creative person through school, college and university and was pleased that after extensive design education to graduate with BA (hons) in graphic design from Sheffield hallam university. This training has given me the skills and experience to think from a lateral perspective and approach challenges from a unique angle.


I am a fun character that likes to have a good time and socialize with friends. I have a real passion for cooking and great food and can usually be found in the kitchen cooking for family and friends or dining out in restaurants most weekends. I have two crazy fury babies (dogs) named Brooke and Blue that take up most of my spare time and with the little time I have left I’m planning my wedding for September.


In such a short space of time, the team at BIDBI has been so supportive and welcoming. It feels like I have worked and known them for years.



My name is Sarah-Elizabeth Jones also known as SJ (there’s another Sarah here) and I am an account manager. This is my first week at BIDBI and it’s flown by! Everyone has been very nice and it’s a bonus that they all make good cups of tea (I take mine with sugar and milk). The idea of BIDBI is fantastic because I like to be environmentally friendly; the ethics of BIDBI are extremely positive which I believe is needed especially in this day and age.

My working background is sales and I was previously a sales executive at a well-known umbrella company in Sheffield. I fell into sales by accident because at first I was a graphic artist and marketing executive, unfortunately/fortunately I made too many friends and was moved onto sales. A few (I won’t admit how many) years ago I completed my degree in Art and my practice was Photography. As much as I love photography it isn’t something I would like to practice as a full time job as its simply a hobby (yes, I am a little bit of a geek).


I describe myself as happy, positive, talkative, adventurous, ambitious, and eclectic person. I have slight OCD (my boyfriend calls me Monica from friends). I love to laugh, eat and to have fun. What’s the point if you don’t enjoy everything? In my spare time I like to be active by either going to the gym, training for marathons (its half marathons or cross country), shopping, playing with my miniature ladbradoodle - Marley, watching football and watching films. I like to know the different directors and actors past and present so take me to a pop quiz and I’ll try and win, honestly, I’m not competitive.

My most favorite saying are “the harder you work, the luckier you get” and “hakuna matata”.

Both Sam and Sarah have got stuck in to the new starter training programme we have at BIDBI. Pictured here, digital and screen-printing our custom ordered bags.