Eco-Bags Proving a Hit in Wake of Bag Tax

  • Team BIDBI
  • 4th March 2016

7.4 billion. That was the staggering amount of plastic bags estimated to have been given out by supermarkets in England during 2013 alone. Something had to be done - and the introduction of the 5p single-use plastic bag tax on the 5th October last year was music to our ears.

For us, anything that moves the world further away from the pollution-causing, non-biodegradable plastic bag is good in our book – and it appears other businesses are taking note too. Since the tax was introduced, we’ve enjoyed our highest ever quantity of orders-per-month for October, November, December, January and February.

“It’s great to see retailers around the world doing their bit for the environment by moving over to a green and clean store bag," said our Company Director Julia Gash.

"From Montreal to Monmouth, San Francisco to Saint Andrews, cities around the world are taxing or banning plastic bags from their streets, which will save wildlife and reduce carbon emissions.“ 

Our Eco-Bags Are Manufactured Using Sustainable Materials

As an ethical company committed to the production of sustainable eco-bags, we’ve built our business around a deep passion for environmentally-friendly products. From our base in Sheffield, we continue to work with Fairtrade factories in India to produce our cotton totes, many of which are then printed in the UK.

 As our eco-bags are cheap to make - thanks to the sustainability of the cotton crop used in their manufacture – they continue to present the perfect way for businesses to put a positive spin on the introduction of the bag tax. This is something your company can do too.

Rather than continuing to use plastic bags – which are sure to reflect negatively on your company – you can embrace our products and use them to raise awareness of your brand.

When printed with your logo or design, not only do our cotton totes look great, they will also tell the public that your business cares about the environment. This is something that continues to strike a chord with many UK companies - but don’t just take our word for it.

In the few months since the bag tax was introduced, here are just a few of the many thoughts left by customers on our Feefo feedback page – on which we have a 99% positive rating at the time of this article being published:

Elle, Edinburgh - The bags turned out very nice, and BIDBI's sustainable and environmental ethos is the reason why we decided to order our bags with them.

Carfield Community Choir - We would highly recommend BIDBI for the quality and good value of their fairly-traded bags, for their friendly and prompt service and their role in reducing the amount of plastic in the world.

Molly MEP - Very good service throughout and really like the ethical and environmental aspects to the product

GreenMindsCo Young Enterprise, Scotland - Their ethical standards are excellent and we love what the company stands for.

Hiro + Wolf - We are thrilled with our bags, good price for an excellent quality, ethically-produced product.

A Plastic Bag Free World?

As the environmental impact of the business world - and retail in particular - continues to move further into the spotlight, an increasing number of organisations are championing the expulsion of plastic bags. They are becoming even harder to justify.

Moving forward, the UK public could now reasonably expect further moves towards the gradual removal of the plastic bag altogether. This comes as Montreal’s Mayor Denis Coderre announced that the city would be banning single-use plastic bags by 2018 in a bid to reduce waste. Queensland are also looking to join four other Australian states in a similar move.

It’s changes like these that continue to inspire us on to new heights here at our eco-printing factory in Sheffield. Having celebrated our 10,000th order back in September, we’re now looking forward to seeing that number continue to grow as companies place further importance on their environmental footprint.

If you feel inspired to embrace our eco-friendly, cotton tote bags for your own company, please get in touch to see how we could help!