Talented Totes Come Home ... For Now

  • Julia Gash
  • 2nd March 2013

 London, New York, Birmingham, London, Las Vegas, Birmingham ... after clocking up the air and road miles our Talented Totes are back in Sheffield ... for now.  My bags, my sales team and myself have crossed the Atlantic and the M42 (motorway to Birmingham) to sell our wares and are now back at the ranch in the heart of industrial Sheffield.  This is the view from my window now and for ever more ... I put it on a bag ....

Favourite moments include: monumental breakfasts at a New York diner which kept me going all day long; finding out more about other exhibitor's businesses - there are some great design-led British manufacturing companies doing making some amazing and unique things; having such a fabulous fashion show in London; Vegas ... meeting Elvis (he was rather stiff and cold with me but he did touch my hand ...and soul!); a little R&R at Furnace Creek, Death Valley - the hottest and yet coolest place on earth; saying hello to so many businesses and having the opportunity to explore how we can make some really beautiful bags for them.

 We've reached out to buyers across the world and we're delighted that our first steps into designing our own brand range have been a success.  We've sold our first collection of Talented Totes into over 40 accounts, which is an amazing achievement for any new brand.  One day I was in Vegas and sold our collection to a boutique in Winnipeg, the next day our Talented Totes had left our factory in Sheffield and two days later they were in-store in the heart of Canada!  Good job!

I'm off on the final stint of my life as a travelling sales woman in two weeks.  I'm taking part in a niche trade mission to Japan.  Together with other businesses from the giftware industry I'm taking part in an exhibition at the British Embassy. It will also give me the opportunity to talk to our Japanese distributor as well as getting to understand more about the retail market in the Far East.

I travelled to Japan in the 1990's as part of my work with my eponymous fashion brand, which had a big fan base in Japan at that time.  I'm looking forward to seeing how the country and fashion industry has changed and developed two decades later.

I'm now back at home, having left in the Winter and returned in the early Spring.  I've reconnecting with my cat Bobby who is sticking to me like a limpet and has now taken first claim on the comfiest chair.  Well that's OK by me because I'm happy having some home cooked food and catching up on episodes of Spiral.  My latest, favourite, crime thriller, set in Paris and with a sexy and strong femaie lead ... what's not to like?!