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  • 3rd February 2016

 The St George’s Junior School Pupil Council “Big Bag Project”

raising funds for playground development

The Junior School Pupil Council have been working on a personalised eco-bag which is being sold to raise funds for our playground development project.

We got every girl in the Junior School to draw a portrait of themselves and then took the designs to Mr Fleming in the IT department. We also took our design ideas. He was really, really helpful and kind and put the design together for us. It looked fabulous.

Then we discussed the wording fonts and layout and made a final decision on the design.

We researched different bag companies and sent off the finished artwork to them. They all sent us back quotes and the time it would take for them to make the bags.

There were two companies that we really liked and we looked more into them to decide which one would be best. One company was a bit cheaper but the other one was really eco-friendly. This one was called BIDBI (Bag It Don’t Bin It). We really liked how they are a Fairtrade company and they use natural materials and eco inks, as well as solar powered lights to work by. They also train up previously unemployed workers in their UK factory and give lots of people in India good jobs. They especially help Indian women who have been abandoned and need to support their families and have no other means of employment. This ethos reflected the values we have ourselves so everybody voted in favour of BIDBI - doing the right thing was worth spending a little more.

Monique, our Treasurer, met with Mrs White to update her on the project and ask for the money for the set up costs. Mrs White said yes! Rosie and Olivia then sent an e-mail straight away to BIDBI to confirm the quote and place the order. Monique filled in the Pupil Council accounts book.

The rest of the Pupil Council then started making advertising posters and when they had been approved by Mrs Hay, we put them up around the Junior School. We asked Laraine to be in charge of the pre-order form at Reception. Then we advertised our bags in Assembly.

BIDBI were brilliant and our bags arrived right on time. The printers did a fantastic job on the intricate designs and the end result looked really amazing. We were all absolutely delighted! 

Our Eco-Bags sold like hot cakes at the Festive Fundraiser on the 28th November and are still much in demand. They cost only £5 and by buying a bag you are not only gaining a precious memory of Junior School but also be contributing towards our playground development project.

Personalised Junior School Eco-Bags

Get yours now!

The girls of the Junior School Pupil Council