How do you Pop?

  • Jan Sutton
  • 6th January 2016

How do you promote brand awareness?

How do you move your brand into new markets?

These were questions recently being considered within Talented, BIDBI’s sister company.

The answer: Pop-up Shops!

Tasked with the job of investigating this opportunity further, I have been spending my mornings as Fashion, Beauty and lifestyle Account Manager for BIDBI and my afternoons looking for pop-up spaces to share with other retailers who have a passion for art, design, ethical and on-trend products and looking for shops in the right area and that fit our brand.

We have been selling with the following local stores testing the concept, which gave us the confidence to move forward:

Birds Yard, Sheffield

Makers Emporium, Rotherham

 Jan Sutton

The existing stores will save on overheads by us joining them and we will save on rent, rather than taking a complete shop space, we will pay for the space we use or pay a commission on what is sold. We will help to generate new foot traffic to the store and help create a new buzz!

It has been a win-win experience. Within 2 weeks I have found 6 new businesses who love the concept and our product, so far from London to West Yorkshire. 

The first store opened on Monday this week with their first sale of the day coming from Talented!! Thank you to Janice at Lik & Neon, Brick Lane London:

Next week we are opening in The Mill in West Yorkshire

Coming Soon:

Things British, St Pancras Station and Greenwich 

Origin Gallery, Greenwich Lamberts Yard, Leeds 

 Makers Emporium