Doing our bit

  • Sarah Giblin
  • 2nd December 2015


Since the plastic bag tax I think everyone has become more aware of not only re-using plastic bags or using an alternative eco friendly bag; but people are now more aware than ever of the need to look after our planet.

For instance I am now now conscientious about the use of using a plastic straw with my drink. Plastic constitutes 90% of waste floating in the Atlantic ocean. Amongst these are plastic drinking straws. These are hazardous to all sealife including birds. So think again next time you order a soft drink when you're out. Read more on this here.

When food shopping always be conscious of the effect certain products have on the planet. When buying fish always ensure the packaging says that the fish has been caught using pole and line so that it is dolphin friendly. 

When buying kitchen roll, toilet roll etc aways look for the FSC logo which symbolises that the product had been sourced responsibly. 

Here at BIDBI we encourage fair trade and ecologically sound products. We go through numerous amounts of hot drinks at BIDBI, so we enjoy drinking fair trade tea and coffee. 

All the packaging for these such as coffee jars are also recycled. We recycle everything we can at BIDBI as some of our customers will be aware we use recycled cardboard boxes to deliver our eco bags in. So far this year we have recycled 13000 litres in plastic, paper and cardboard. Not all of you will know but we are the only provider/one of the first providers of the biodegradable jute bags...a completely guilt free way of carrying your shopping.

small jute bag

I feel the plastic bag tax is just the beginning of starting to find more ways to protect our planet. Check out this article for 50 ways you can help do your bit!