Travelling Totes

  • Julia Gash
  • 24th February 2013

 I'm writing this blog from Death Valley, California.  That's the first and probably the last time I'll ever write that sentence ... sadly because it's beautiful here!  Empty, silent and strange.

After weeks of travelling around England, interspersed with journeys to New York and Las Vegas, I have showcased Talented Totes and BIDBI Bags at various trade fairs around the globe.  Here's me at our booth at the Las Vegas fashion trade fair: Magic.  

Although they all look much of a muchness, they appeal to different geographies and industry sectors with the fashion and lifestyle industries, which gives them their own individual character.  I've met many business owners from around the world - such as Tomoha from Tokyo, Veronique from Paris and Winnie from Toronto.  All passionate about their businesses and looking for new and beautiful things to add to their lovely shops, which in these cases will be our Talented Totes!

Las Vegas was mad, bad and dangerous to know.  The plethora of slot machines that surround the lobby at hotels, spreading to occupy virtually the whole of the ground floor was something I'd not experienced before.  Impossible to avoid, they are fascinating and depressing at the same time.  I quickened my pace when I passed them, never tempted by their promises of riches but trying to avoid the instant onset of weariness whenever the lights flashed and the machines rattled and rolled out their thing.  And I met Elvis ... well a bronze statue of him at least.  We stayed at the LVH (Las Vegas Hilton), which is were he performed for 8 years.  The best food in Vegas ... at one of the oldest restaurant in the city: El Sombrero, which opened in 1947.  We love Mexican food and John and I got the real deal at El Sombrero.  

The best thing we did however, was visit a Korean spa, at the advice of our new found friend John, who designs and builds trade show stands.  A lovely Korean woman called Co-Co gave me the mother of all massages.  Pummelled to within an inch of my life I emerged from the spa, two and a half hours later, without that nagging, dull pain that had taken residence at the base of my skull.  Gone.  Amazing.  I love Co-Co.

I now find myself at the oasis of Furnace Creek in the heart of Death Valley with my partner John.  A little R&R after one continuous stream of trade shows.  We're below sea level and at one of the hottest places on earth (thankfully not in February!).  We've been out exploring the area and have walked through Ghost Towns, over Badwater (salt lakes) and up mountain peaks.  The spring-fed pool at the ranch we're staying at is where I'm at my happiest (I'm a triple Cancerian so just sit me near water and I'm happy.  The Prickly Pear Margharita I sipped was just the cherry on the top.

Tomorrow we head home.  Across America, over the Atlantic and back to Sheffield where I hear it's freezing.  Another trade fair next week and a trade mission to Japan next month will complete my two month roadshow.  Lots more work to do back at the ranch (BIDBI HQ in Sheffield!) first, which is fine by me.  Next stop Sheffield .....