Learning The BIDBI Bag Way

  • Sabiha Sultana
  • 29th October 2015

 Hi, I would love to take this opportunity to re-introduce myself as the new Junior Account Manager for BIDBI. I was overwhelmed to be offered a permanent position after I completed my 4 weeks’ internship at BIDBI. In the beginning of my training I was not so nervous as I was very aware of the company and how it works but I still prepared myself as a newcomer and take things in afresh.

 sabiha sultana

To start things off I had to read through a lot of documents such sales manual, artwork guide, the history of the business and so on (this was the easy part). Once I started practicing giving out quotes and taking calls, I felt very nervous but my amazing colleagues helped me a lot on how to handle queries, provide excellent customer service and taking time out to make sure I was confident with a lot of reassurance all the time. The training lasted for 2 weeks and on each day I sat down with a different colleague to get more of an insight on their roles and how their roles benefits mine.

Next I spent a whole day in production room to understand how the bags are processed. Firstly, I was shown around the production room starting with how screen printed bags are processed and then I was given a demonstration of how digitally printed bags are processed. I must say the production team work really hard to turn things are for all and every customer that give us the opportunity to print for them. By understanding the difference between digital print and screen print, I would recommend digital print if your image has lots of little details plus 3 or 4 or more colours and screen print if you would prefer a smoother feel to your cotton bag.

Since its early days, I’m still on the learning curve but so far my time in BIDBI has been very exciting and busier than ever before due to the increasing popularity of cotton tote bags which lasts a life time.