A BIDBI Bag Buzz

  • Julia Gash
  • 17th July 2015

What gives me a really big buzz?  It’s seeing bags that we’ve printed swinging from people’s arms as they are walking through town.  If I’m on my way to work and I see someone carrying a bag that we’ve printed then I consider it a lucky omen and know that I’m going to have a great day!

Last week I saw a woman walking to work, carrying a Waterstone’s Bus Book Bag that we make.  Today I saw another lady carrying a Cherith Harrison “Little Bird Bag” that BIDBI makes for our own label brand, Talented.

When I go to London I’m never at peace until I’ve spotted one of our bags, whether it’s for a BIDBI customer or Talented.  This bag watching hobby does have its downsides.  I’ve turned into a terrible shopper.  What starts out as retail therapy quickly turns into a research and record mission of bags.  Here’s our I’m in and out of stores, hunting down bags that we’ve printed and checking out the merchandising as in this great display of Talented Cityscapes in Daniels of Windsor.  

My iPhone only has three album categories: my cats, my holidays and bags we’ve printed.

My best bag spotting  was last summer when on the Paris Metro I jumped on the train and right in front of me was a Hong Kong Cityscape bag that I had designed for Talented and BIDBI had printed.  I tried to explain to its owner in my garbled schoolgirl French that it was “mon sac”, to which she fiercely grabbed it and claimed it as her own.  Further pointing, interesting hand movements and attempts at French enabled me to explain that I was the designer.  She was delighted and explained that her husband bought it for her on a business trip to Hong Kong.

Later that day I spotted a bag that we make for The National Gallery carrying a print of the Van Gogh Sunflower painting on the side panels.

So if you’re walking down the road with a branded tote bag and there’s a strange woman following you and attempting to take a photo of your shoulder with her iphone … then you know it’s me!

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