Guest Blog - Rebekah Feld

  • Rebekah Feld
  • 9th July 2015

Hi everyone, I'm Rebekah. I'm Julia Gash's (owner of bidbi) 15 year old niece from Canada. My mum and I are here for 10 days visiting family and touring England. We haven't been for 8 years. Anyways, after getting off a flight from England to Canada July 2nd with no sleep, my Mum (sister to Julia) and I decided that we would go on a visit to Julia's work with her before going to sleep for a while. Going in, I wasn't expecting the factory to be so big. I'd heard that BIDBI/Talented Totes had been growing, but I still wasn't expecting the size or the amount of staff that I saw.

We first went to the BIDBI side, where the staff were printing bags for Yankee candle. First of all, the weather was really nice and the temperature inside there was so hot! I was surprised to hear in England they don't have air conditioning like Canada. But to get back on topic, the bags were really cool and I saw a type of printing that I'd never seen, screen printing, which I ended up trying myself. It was fun, but I couldn't imagine doing that and other jobs all day long. Kudos to the people working in there and making all those bags!

But in the end the whole company is a team effort, so next we went to the offices. Also hot in there because of the record-breaking heat, but everyone was working hard and seemed to enjoy the workspace. The staff were all really friendly. Later we went to the sample room with tons of different bags and designs. I never realized how many different designs and products you carry. I really enjoyed my visit to BIDBI and talented totes. The nice staff exceeded my expectations. Good job and congrats to the company and director aunt Julia for their huge growth and success and I wish the best to all. Thank you for the wonderful visit.