BIDBI Staff Blog - Sabiha Sultana - July 2015

  • Sabiha Sultana
  • 3rd July 2015

Hi, my name is Sabiha Sultana also known as Sabz. I have worked at BIDBI for just over 2 weeks! I am the Support Administrator, my position is a part-time internship which requires me to review, update and clear back-logs for the Account Managers. I have just completed my Bachelor of Science with Honours in Computing with a 2:2 from Sheffield Hallam University. Final year felt like walking over burning coals but nevertheless life of a student will be greatly missed!

I describe myself as fun, spontaneous and focused individual though at first I seem very quiet. When the internship at BIDBI was advertised, I was very fascinated to join them because I always loved the idea of Eco bags and how they were processed. The team at BIDBI are so supportive and welcoming, it felt like I have worked and known them for years.

At this time of the month I am preserving the Holy month of Ramadan, which means I cannot eat or drink from dawn to dusk and it’s almost half way through (Yes!) This also means, I am counting down to my holiday in the sunshine to Bangladesh with family, I am eagerly excited because the last time I went on a holiday was in 2012 before I started University (oh! how time flies). The heatwave this week in Sheffield was fantastic though it was slightly hard due to Ramadan and I was yearning for ice cream.

In my spare time I love to spend it with my family and friends. I enjoy exploring new places, shopping and dining out, my favourite cuisine is Chinese and Turkish (Gym is my least favourite place). My personal 5 star rated favourite place so far is The Leeds and Liverpool canal as it’s very relaxing and mesmerising and would definitely recommend to anyone. For the meantime, I’m really enjoying myself at BIDBI and shopping for my holiday!