BIDBI Waterfall @ PULSE

  • Lucy Arnold
  • 29th May 2015

I’m back to write another blog! A few weekends ago, Julia, Louisa and I headed off to London for the last of this season’s trade shows – PULSE. Being show partners, and making the on-trend PULSE give-away tote, we bagged ourselves a great sized stand to share between BIDBI and Talented. Here is a shot of the BIDBI side, displaying our colourful “waterfall” of bags – showing off our pretty fabulous range of clients. 

PULSE was a lovely show to be a part of. Olympia is so fresh feeling and all the booths were very well presented – really beautiful to walk around. I’m still undecided on the glass roof though – it was amazing to have so much natural light but, it being a sunny weekend, I did feel like I was baking in a green house from 12pm onwards!

Spending most of my clocked working hours at the BIDBI headquaters, it is always a great fun change and valuable experience to get out and about meeting customers face-to-face, old and new – so a big thank you to everyone who came to see us and made the show so enjoyable and successful.

We also had another group of visitors who weren’t strictly customers… my family! My mum, dad and brother made the little journey up from Brighton to London to have a nosey at BIDBI at PULSE. It was really nice for them to get a better idea of the company and see first hand what I get up to for work. Here they are, exhibiting our bags.

Lastly, I just want to share what a great extended bank holiday weekend I had in my home town of Brighton. After working 11 days on the trott a long weekend with loved ones was just what the doctor ordered. I got to meet my lovely nephew for the first time and spend some quality time with our gorgeous goddaughter too!