What is Lithographic Printing?

  • Vivian Zhang
  • 22nd May 2015

This week I will continue introducing our print methods. After screen printing and digital printing, we are finally coming to our last method - Lithographic Printing.

What is lithographic printing then?

Similar to Digital Printing, our master printers will first print customer's desired image in reverse onto silicone-coated, transfer paper. They then apply the correct amount of pressure heat and pressure through a heat-transfer press before peel away the paper. Afterwards the print will stand permanently on the bag fabric.

Lithographic Printing shines a brighter colour. It can work on black as well as incorporating special effects such glitter.

Screen Printing can be done on any of our bag styles with a high quality of Screen Prints. 

We have done high-quality Lithographic Prints for many customers including The British Museum, Paul Smith, Grayson Perry and Jimmy Choo.

Fancy a lithographic printing bag? Call us on +44 (0)114 272 1201 or drop us an email.