What is Digital Printing

  • 24th April 2018

Our bags are made from natural fibres, such as cotton or jute, and can be printed using 3 different print methods, depending on the customer's artwork requirements.

In this guide we'll outline how we digitally print your bags, so you have more of an understanding of this method.

Digital Heat Press

We will first print the image in reverse onto a silicon-coated transfer paper, which then will be placed in position onto any eco-bag. Our master printer will then apply the correct amount of heat and pressure through a heat-transfer press. The transfer paper is then peeled away, leaving the print on the bag fabric.

Digital Print on Large Shopper Bag

Digital Printing replicates full-colour photographic quality in fine detail. It gives your hands a soft fabric feel with no visible border. We recommend this method for intricate designs on natural or white cloth.

British Museum & Paperchase Print

We offer our customers a free printed sample of their artwork on the bag (for digitally printed bags only). This really helps you to see how great your artwork will look on a bag before you commit to a print run.

If you would like a digital printing for your design, simply drop us an email for a quote or call us on 0114 272 1201.