Anniversary @BIDBI

  • Paul Davidson
  • 7th April 2015

Today we have Paul Davidson, aka 'Dopper', as our BIDBI blogger. Paul has been here since last April. Let's see what he wants to share.

This April marks my first anniversary at BIDBI!

Last April I joined BIDBI as a temporary printed in its eco-printing factory in Sheffield. Three months later I was offered a full-time job. Well done, Paul!

Ever since I became a part of the company, I started my morning at 8a.m. when I pull out our ordered bags with other printers.

Then we will action according to the requirement of each customer. If they want a screen print bag, we will mix our water-based inks into the colours demanded by our lovely customers. we will check it with our pantone card afterwards to ensure the accuracy of the colour. Check me doing digital print with my colleagues.

If digital print is required, our designer will hand us the reverse-printed artwork on silicon-coated transfer paper. Then me and my colleague will transfer the design onto bags via our advanced high heat machine. Here is a picture of Digital Print process.

I have gained a lot after I joined BIDBI. I have learned many printing skills and I have also received knowledge about eco-bags - now I can differentiate the material and the weight of any eco-bag in the world!

Besides I have made lots of good friends here. All the printers are supportive, experienced and friendly! 

On average we print 1,000 to 1,600 bags everyday. It's a huge accomplishment we did together! 

Also, I'm a great guy. :D