What is Screen Printing?

  • Vivian Zhang
  • 20th March 2015

At BIDBI our bags are made from natural fibres, such as cotton or jute, and are printed through 3 printing options – Screen Printing, Digital Printing & Lithographic Printing – which one we choose is all depending on the customer's branding requirements.

Today I will introduce Screen Printing to you.

So what is Screen Printing?

This picture was taken during a Screen Printing by our experienced printer Blain Walker.

Screen Printing is the most cost-effective print method for a simple or bold design with a low number of colours because it has the advantage of producing bright, solid, vibrant colours.

As we use water-based inks, this printing option has minimal environmental impact.

Screen Printing can be done on any of our bag styles with a high quality of Screen Prints. 

We have many customers who love our Screen Prints, such as Liberty LondonLUSHYankee CandleToms,Innocent Drinks, etc.

If you would like to print simple design with small amount of colourways on our eco-bags in solid, vibrant water-based ink, our Screen Printing is your best option!