BIDBI Staff Blog - Pedro Silva - March 2015

  • Pedro Silva
  • 13th March 2015

This week we have our Warehouse Manager Pedro Silva as our guest blogger. Pedro manages thousand of bags packed and shipped every single day! He didn't have much time to write a long blog as ten thousand of bags awaiting, but he discloses a little bit of his job. Let's have a look!

Hello, my name is Pedro and I am the BIDBI and Talented Warehouse Manager. I joined the company in June last year and had to touch the ground running as both sides of the business operate in such fast pace.

I had always been working for big companies before so was a breath of fresh air to come to BIDBI, working with the team and realize the effort everyone puts in to make sure the order comes in and goes out on time.

Here is a picture of me sorting bags

On the BIDBI side, I need to make sure the stock levels are correct for each and every line and available to our production colleagues. Ordering stationery and all goods in delivery’s arrive in good condition inputting them on the system so Bidbi continues to be an well oiled machine.

In the Talented department after being printed the orders come back to talented to be finalized. They will get QC’d once more and take the necessary swing ticket, barcode and badge and then packed to the highest standard. Every season we have a batch of exciting new bags ready to be picked and sent to our costumers meaning they don’t have to wait for a print run to have their order back. I have been improving our goods out department and our customers should start seeing a decrease in waiting times very shortly!

Now I'm driving the big chunk fork-lift to make the most out of the warehouse's space.