BIDBI Staff Blog - David Hart - February 2015

  • David Hart
  • 20th February 2015

David Hart joined BIDBI as Commercial Manager last December and has been doing a brilliant job. Today he tells us what BIDBI is in this piece of guest blog.

So what is the BIDBI way...?

I set myself this question to write my first blog but already as I begin typing I'm not sure I yet know the answer. But if you don't mind, I’ll ramble on for a bit. 

Looking from the outside in, BIDBI looks like a commercial organisation and seems to do everything you'd expect a commercial organisation should do. There are people being busy, machines doing stuff, manager's making decisions, orders arriving, goods departing, and much more in between to make things tick over nicely. 

On the surface you'd be hard pressed to see anything out of the ordinary. However, scratch a little and you begin to see an organisation which operates by a unique set of dedicated people. And it's not the big-wigs that make the difference. 

It's the learnt knowledge of the staff that keep the wheels turning and adds huge amounts of customer focus into the BIDBI dry mix. From the fellas in the print room to the girls in the office, the BIDBI way makes sense even if you can't really touch it or describe it.

People seem to know what to do and when to do it and when required they do it wonderfully well. And our customers love it. 

At every link in the chain, the BIDBI DNA is there delivery great products and great service. Whatever the answer, I guess the BIDBI people know what it takes to keep customers coming back for more. And long may it continue!