Lucy's Paris Trip

  • Lucy Arnold
  • 6th February 2015

Lucy came back from Paris this Monday with amazing news besides quality business enquiries!

I’m back in icy Sheffield after 11 days in Paris. Business or pleasure? Both!

With plenty of snow under foot we jetted off from Manchester to Paris. After a lot of Tetris’ing of bags and people into a taxi, a bit of panicking that George’s ticket wasn’t valid and loads of swapping and cramming into suitcases at bag drop-off, we made it onto the plane (ONE of us living it up in business class… Mr Ford!).

“That’s the hard bit over” - a phrase from Julia that we had complete confidence in at the start of the day. Four of us lugging X amount of luggage through the Parisian Metro is a memory which still makes my arms ache. But we did it: we travelled to Paris, set up two shows on opposite sides of the city and still made the displays look great. Here is our booth at Who’s Next where Julia and I were based.

As a BIDBI girl, I loved the experience of working on the other side of our business. It was great to find out more about Talented and even better to see the brilliant reception the collection received at the Who’s Next trade show. Being half-French myself, getting to speak French so much was also a highlight and I actually was a bit thrown when I had to talk to the odd client in English! All in all I had a brilliant time and I would definitely do it again if they’d have me. ;)

After the whirlwind that was the Paris Tradeshows it was time for me to meet my better half at the airport. We headed off to my aunt’s house to spend a few days relaxing in the suburbs outside of Paris. Fair to say that my well-earned days in lieu were well spent! Some down-time with my French family and my aunt’s charming pets was a perfect build up to my birthday.

To round off the trip, my incredibly sweet boyfriend proposed to me on our last day in Meaux! We went for a walk on the last morning and he got down on one knee in the Cathedral gardens right next to where my parents got married. It was a real surprise and I am totally in love with my ring.

That’s enough from me for now. See you next time!