Innovative Usage of Our Product

  • Vivian Zhang
  • 30th January 2015

One of our customers just informed us of a brand-new use of our bags!

Local women's charity SAGE Greenfingers used our bags as decoration for their events or their own places.

Check out the below image to see how they play around:

Innovative, isn't it?

The charity's Service Manager Louisa Bruce said: "We are very pleased with the purchased bags and the misprints, they are both excellent for our work with our service users. Our members benefit from getting out of the house and getting some exercise in the fresh air, by meeting other people with similar experiences and making new friends and by losing themselves in activities which help them forget their problems."

Thanks to them, now we can tell our customers even if you don't need another objects container, you can still buy our bags as your new furniture - we are that beautiful!

The best part is, this decoration tool will be totally eco-friendly and fair-traded.

But more importantly we do wish to make your smile and improve your life quality with our colourful tote bags. Every little change we make everyday will enrich our life a bit more.

If your heartstring is pulled a little bit, simply drop us an email.

We have different theme and we can make the bags according to your wish, like your personal genie.

As SAGE Greenfingers is working on an allotment growing organic vegetables, we will also recommend our sister brand Talented's new collection Viva Vegetables to them, to add on more colours to their lovely group.