Queen of Eco-Totes

Julia Gash is the founder of, and driving force behind BIDBI. Print is her passion. Her knowledge of sustainable print production spans three decades and found expression in her eponymous, directional, print led fashion brand in the 1990s.

In 2007 she set up BIDBI as a green and ethical manufacturing company of tote bags in order to counter the culture of plastic bag production, which she recognized as causing significant damage to the environment and wildlife. She has since led the company through a period of continuous growth, and her industry experience and creative awareness have shaped its course by focusing on producing sustainable bags for the fashion and arts industries.

Julia has an enthusiasm for the tote bag as a means of artistic expression as well as a key communication tool for forward thinking businesses. Her own quirky illustrations form the basis of BIDBI’s Talented tote collection of sustainable bags, while she also seeks out and commissions up-and-coming design talent to contribute to the range.

Julia’s ability to work with fashion brands and art institutions to best understand, interpret and replicate their ideas into the medium of the tote is second to none. As a font of all ecological print and tote bag knowledge she has rightfully earned the title of The Queen of Eco-Totes!

Read Julia’s thoughts on business, the environment and the best in bag art on our blog: The BIDBI Bee.