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The BIDBI Blog is curated by the marketing team giving you weekly news, views and updates from inside the BIDBI universe as well as reporting on the wider issues affecting UK business and Eco friendly matters. 

We also welcome blogs from existing customers, so get in touch if you would like to talk about your business and eco bags. 

13 Questions for Ricky, BIDBI's Warehouse Manager

  • Ricky Grayson
  • 14th March 2018

Ricky Grayson, our man in charge of the warehouse, is a quiet type, but is one of the most interesting people you could talk to. We sat him down and plied him with questions to find out more. What is your job? I am the warehouse manager at BIDBI. My job involves keeping track of all... Read More

Focus On Drawstring Bags

  • Jessica Holmes
  • 12th March 2018

The most common use for a drawstring bag is a Backpack, which have been around since 1910 when they updated the common ‘knapsacks’ and ‘packsacks’. Due to this, the drawstring bag is well-known for its practicality and variety of uses; making it a common favourite... Read More

Eco News Round Up March 2018

  • 8th March 2018

Recyle your Chewing Gum.  Did you know that chewing gum is a problem for the environment? In the past it was made from natural substances however gum nowadays is made from synthetic, petroleum-based polymers called polyisobutylene. This is the same rubbery material you'd find inside... Read More

Supermarket Giants Scrap Single-use Carrier Bags, but Who Should Pay to Clean up Plastic Waste?

  • Team BIDBI
  • 6th March 2018

In the first week of February, Asda joins Sainsburys and Tesco in their initiative to reduce plastic use by scrapping 5p single-use carrier bags. The supermarket chain also pledged to reduce its own-brand plastic products and packaging including plastic straws and polystyrene. This follows... Read More

Our Environmental Commitments 2018

  • Team BIDBI
  • 2nd March 2018

Being an ethical and eco-friendly company is at the core of what we do. We strive to produce products do not harm the environment, or the people that make them. Being environmentally conscious is becoming more and more pertinent with environmental issues being brought to the forefront. We... Read More

Fairtrade Fortnight: Why Choose Fairtrade?

  • Jessica Holmes
  • 26th February 2018

The Fairtrade Foundation is a UK based charity who work to tackle injustice in conventional trade. This includes the cotton industry: which highly competitive due to high consumer demand. The cotton production sector is huge, with as many as 100million households directly engaged in cotton... Read More

Where We've Been - February 2018 Edition

  • Team BIDBI
  • 26th February 2018

The recent Christmas break gave our staff the chance to head out, stay in, and make the most of their spare time. We caught up with our staff and asked them: "Where have you been?" Jen Dubai for Christmas and new year; the water park at the Atlantis hotel, dessert experience and boat... Read More

Why Use A Cotton Tote Bag?

  • Team BIDBI
  • 24th February 2018

We all know that Plastic bags are bad. They can be seen flapping in tree branches, floating in rivers or standing out amongst landfill mounds. However, it is not only that plastic bags take hundreds of years to naturally degrade, it is also that manufacture and transport is very costly... Read More

Eco News Roundup Febraury 2018

  • Team BIDBI
  • 20th February 2018

Could a bottle return scheme help Britain cut down on single use plastics? Talk of bottle return schemes have become more commonplace in the UK recently, with the idea slowly entering the public conscience. Countries like Germany, Australia and Denmark have had similar schemes for many... Read More

Our Faves Of February 2018

  • Team BIDBI
  • 15th February 2018

Another month at BIDBI sees more beautiful designs fly through our print factory. February has been no exception, with some simply sublime screen prints in the works.  Left: We use the Asana Software at BIDBI everyday, so we we're delighted to print bags for them. This 4 colour... Read More