BIDBI Staff Blog - How we source GREEN...

  • Daya Singh
  • 23rd January 2015

This week we have Daya, our International Operations Manager, to explain the process he goes through for product sourcing, during which he sometimes has to travel around to find the right material and partner.

Daya brought into the UK market a new development in the manufacturing of Jute, which is a 100% biodegradable. Thanks to him we are the only UK company to supply this super Jute Bag!

Hi, my name is Daya and I am the International Operations Manager here at BIDBI (Bag It Don’t Bin It). I’ve been asked to write a short blog about product sourcing, so here goes...

The journey typically starts when a bespoke project lands on my desk or when our CEO, Julia, looks to introduce new lines into our collection.  

Depending on the product, consideration has to be given to the end use; any safety implications, the sustainability of a material, the quality aspect of a finished product as well as ensuring prices are commercially viable.

Daya's desk is always full of colourful bags and our new, innovative products!

We here at BIDBI pride ourselves on our ECO credentials and working closely with partner FAIRTRADE factories … Initially it’s all about due diligence and getting this right when sourcing any new suppliers; making sure the factory is fully audited. If they are not, then we work with them through continual monitoring, making sure their commitments to social welfare and labour laws are in place and maintained, no child labour, etc, etc, etc are all adhered too. Sourcing factories is easy, but sourcing the right factory is tough!

Finally, once we are satisfied with a potential new supplier and their ability to produce a quality product, we then look at the overall levels of service before we class any new factory as a “partner”.

I hope this has given you a brief in-sight into my world…

Look forward to working on your bespoke project soon!